S P Institute Of Neuroscienses

For everything in Neurology and Neurosurgery under One Roof

We are a group of medical professionals interested and trained in treating disorders of the nervous system. The hospital began as a small MRI unit but has grown into a speciality centre which has 15 bed neurological intensive care unit , two neurosurgical theatres with operating microscope , MR compatible stereotactic frame , ventriculoscope , spinal endoscope , a CathLab for neurointerventional work and other utilities necessary for neurology and neurosurgery. The diagnostic facilities include a digital x-ray , multi-slice CT scanner , a 1.5 Tesla MRI unit , EEG , 24 hour video EEG , NCV/EMGEP equipment to name a few alongwith modern pathology laboratory. We also have a specialized stroke unit which regularly does IV and IA thrombolysis . Recently we have added thrombosuction with Penumbra system and thrombectomy for acute stroke manangement. Interventional neurology has been doing carotid/intracranial stenting , coiling for aneurysms , embolization for AVMs and pre-operative embolization for intracranial tumours and angiofibromas. Neurology unit includes assessment of refractory seizures with high resolution MR , 24 hour video EEG monitoring equipment . Functional surgery for certain movement disorders in addition to usual neurological evaluation and therapy. A plasma pheresis unit has been set up for management of disorders like AIDP , myasthenia gravis and other immunological disorders.